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C-Files tours

Whether you're already a believer or don't quite know what to think yet, this is the tour for you.

For those that are unsure it may just help you make up your mind; and if it doesn't, at least you'll have a day out touring the beautiful scenic town of Cardwell and surrounds.

It's also a great family activity for people of all ages.

Venture out to sites where there have been sightings of UFO's, Orbs, Hairy men and more.

Going on the C-Files tour is guaranteed to spark some very interesting conversations as well as provide guests with the opportunity to hear rare encounters of the unexplained happenings in and around Cardwell that have been spoken about for decades.

Saturday 12th August 9:00am

Saturday 12th August 12:00pm

Sunday 13th August 9:00am

Sunday 13th August 12:00pm

Cost: $35 per adults, $30 per child/pensioner

​Be sure to bring water and comfortable shoes for this outdoor event.

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