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One man’s $100,000 search for UFOs

September 14. 2017

AS ONE great search for alien life comes to a fiery end on the edge of Saturn, another one is about to begin right here in Australia.

American UFO hunter James Fox is offering $US100,000 to anyone who can give him credible evidence of extraterrestrial activity on Earth — including from a claimed sighting in suburban Melbourne he is investigating.

Festival makes the "Most eyebrow raising festivals" list

September 4, 2017

We knew we were a little obscure and now we can prove it! The recent inclusion of the Cardwell UFO Festival to the Hunter & Bligh's list of  "Australia's Most Eyebrow Raising Festivals"  means we are named as one of the seven strangest events in the country.  Like, tell us something we didn't already know.

Do you believe this man's yowie story?

August 5, 2017

TIM the Yowie Man, as he likes to be known, lived a fairly ordinary existence until a camping trip near the Snowy Mountains.

What he saw one night in the bush set him on a paranormal path that he follows to this day.

Cardwell UFO Festival is out of this world

April 29, 2016

ORGANISERS of Cardwell’s UFO Festival are promising an “out of this world” experience for participants this year.


More than 2000 UFO enthusiasts are expected to land in the small coastal town on May 7 to celebrate extraterrestrials, and share their experiences of unexplained phenomena.

Was this ‘ball of light’ over Canberra a UFO?

January 6, 2016


A MYSTERIOUS light over Australia’s capital has captured the imaginations of social media users, with many declaring the baffling flare as evidence of a UFO.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube on January 3, it has been viewed over 137,000 times, with users speculating it is everything from Bronwyn Bishop in a taxpayer-funded UFO to a flying saucer opening an intergalactic portal.

The Westall ‘UFO’ incident still remains a mystery 50 years after it occurred

January 6, 2016

CHILDREN as young as seven were confronted by men in sharp black suits and warned against talking, as emergency services and military swarmed the area.

It’s the mystery that has left an Australian suburb divided with witnesses wanting answers.

This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Westall Incident and those involved are no closer to finding out what occurred on that fateful autumn morning.

It was 11.00am on April 6, 1966, when Australia’s largest mass UFO sighting took place.

Queensland, UFO Capital

January 3rd, 2016

THE Gold Coast is now Queensland’s UFO capital with about half the reports of possible extraterrestrial skulduggery coming from the Glitter Strip.


According to UFO Research Queensland President Sheryl Gottschall over the past four years activity on the Gold Coast has increased to cover about 50 per cent of all reports received from the Greater Queensland area by the group.

Second annual UFO festival opens at Cardwell today and tomorrow

May 1, 2015

THE C-Files have opened at Cardwell as the town’s second annual UFO festival starts today.
Australia’s only UFO festival starts on the foreshore from 3pm as schoolchildren and budding artists draw alien-inspired chalk art.


Thea speaks to ABC Radio on the Cardwell UFO Festival

April 30, 2015

UFO sightings and alien encounters will be the topics of discussion at the Cardwell UFO Festival this weekend. Thea Ormonde explains to Phil Staley from ABC Radio just whats in store.

New sightings in Queensland of the mythical Yowie

October 20, 2014

Brisbane mates Jason Heal and Jason Dunn claim to have captured clear footage of a bigfoot in a forest on the Gold Coast hinterland.

Spike in UFO sightings across Queensland


The truth is out there - and maybe it is hovering over Queensland.
There has been a spike in the number of reported UFO sightings across the state over recent months, according to president of UFO Research Queensland Sheryl Gottschall, with the Gold Coast being a real "hot spot".
"We've had people calling from all over Queensland," Ms Gottschall said.

A letter from police relating to reports of "three bright white lights" hovering over homes at Wooloowin. Photo: Brisbane UFO Sightings
"There was a sighting on the Gold Coast on Friday night, Cairns last week and there was another sighting in Childers.

Pics of UFO to light up festival

July 23, 2014

FORGET The X-Files, the C-files are being put together to affirm Cardwell as the UFO capital of Australia.
Residents Archie and Molly Dunn are the latest to report strange activity in the coastal town’s skyline after seeing a red orb on Saturday night.

Cardwell UFO festival probes the truth

May 5, 2014

Reports of mysterious objects in the sky and aliens walking among us will be the talk of the town this weekend as the far north Queensland town of Cardwell

Alien life forms land in Cardwell

May 4, 2014

Extra-terrestrial sighters and sceptics from all over Queensland turned out for the inaugural Cardwell UFO Festival. At the discussion forum UFO Research Queensland's Alec Brimacombe said it is great to share experiences at events such as the UFO Festival however serious scientific research is needed to answer to the 'what' or 'why' questions

X files opened at Cardwell UFO Festival

May 4, 2014

From aliens to men in black, flying saucers and strange lights, 'UFOlogists' gathered to share their stories and theories at the inaugural Cardwell UFO Festival.

The truth is out there in Cardwell as town hosts UFO Festival

May 1, 2014

IF there have been strange footprints in the banana paddock, or weird lights in the rainforest, Cardwell wants to know about it.
The coastal town, which has proclaimed itself the UFO capital of North Queensland, is hosting its inaugural UFO festival this weekend.

Chevron Island resident captures incredible footage that looks spookily like a UFO hovering over the Gold Coast

March 20, 2014

Chevron Island local Jack Purcell shot video of what looks very much like an alien spaceship flying through the sky near his home.

UFO caught on video at Cardwell in north Queensland

January 3, 2013

A TINY town in north Queensland is on full UFO alert following sightings of strange lights in the night sky. Cardwell businessman Greg Smith said he and his son watched the lights for 15 minutes and are convinced that what they saw was some sort of UFO.

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