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UFO Research Queensland  -  UFO Research Queensland  is a voluntary, non-profit association to receive, record and research UFO sightings.

ISS Earth Viewing Experiment  -  LIVE HD Stream from the International Space Station of planet Earth. Also pre-recorded segments and other highlights.

ISS LIVE Streaming  -  View from the International Space Station plus other goodies like Pass Prediction, notification Tool and Live Location Marker.


ACERN - (Australian Close Encounter Research Network)  ACERN provides access to Ufology networks, research into experiences and support groups.


Latest UFO Sightings  -  A wide variety of videos and news about extraterrestrials and UFOs.


Sunshine Coast Daily/Latest UFO Sightings  -  UFO stories from the Sunshine Coast, around the world and outa space.


Before Its News  -  Alternative media with an eclectic blend of articles and stories that are sure to broarden the mind.


Openminds  -  Website dedicated to UFO news and investigations.


Unexplained  -  A cornucopia of articles focusing on extraterrestrial, supernatural and paranormal phenomena.


UFO Case Book  -  Important information from case files, archives, research files and declassified documents.


UFO International Project  -  Detailed resources on UFOs and all other alternative subjects, available as quality articles, documents and resources.


UFO Sightings Daily  -  Used as a resource for several media agencies, UFO Sightings Daily posts about regular current sightings and encounters.


UFO Sightings and reports  -  A comprehensive list of  documents and reports of UFO Sightings and unexplained phenomena from around Australia.


UFO Territory  -  Deemed to be the UFO hotspot in Australia, the Northen Territory is teaming with extraterrestrial activity.


World UFO Photos and News  -  A huge collection of photos and encounters from around the globe


AUFORN  -  Australian UFO Research Network has a huge array of information and news on UFO and extraterrestrial encounters across Australia.


The Black Vault  -  This site contains a huge resource of declassified documents on UFO sightings and operations available to download in PDF format.


The UFO Hub  -  An excellent resource of informative videos on a multitude of extraterrestrial and paranormal topics.  Highly recommended viewing.


UFO Evidence  -  This is an excellent resource for UFO topics, photos and case stydies. Make sure to thoroughly explore the menu on the right .


UFO Related documents  -  This is a great page to find some documents if your interested in disclosure.


Halloween Costumes  -  Not normally a place where you would expect to find links on UFO's, coverups and disclosure but this site has plenty to look at.


Costume Craze  -  Again we find a great resource for all things UFO in a costume shop, wonder if the men in black shop there. Thanks for the link Goldie.

VKontakte  -  VK is Russia's most popular social media networking service. Check out some of the cool paranormals not shared on western social media.


CC Radio  -  'Believe' is an Australian podcast where witnesses of the strange and unexplained can share their stories and encounters.




If you have a favourite UFO related website please feel free to share it with us. 


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