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The 2023 Program is coming together, see below for confirmed speakers. 

Cardwell is well known in UFO circles for the mysterious Cardwell Lights along with numerous UFO sightings. The region, including Tully which is known for its ”saucer nest”, are also renowned as being hot spots for unusual activity, including countless reports of mystery lights, UFOs, “hairy men”, large black cats and rainforest pygmies.

All these unusual activities and experiences are discussed at the forum, where people come together to share and compare their unusual encounters. The C-Files forum is a confidential gathering. No photos or recordings are allowed, so everyone feels safe and comfortable talking openly about their unusual experiences. 

Stephen & Evan Strong
Steven & Evan Strong
Our Alien Ancestry

Steven & Evan Strong:

Have spent many years learning, living and/or working with the Bundjalung Language Confederation (Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales), Ramindjeri (South Australia) and Gumilaroi peoples (Northern New South Wales). They operate under the doctrine of Wirritjin (Black Fella, White Fella Dreaming): In remembrance of Karno W…., spokesperson for the Ramindjeri. They work with a diverse informal network of Independent Researchers, Original Custodians/Elders, Patrons/Supporters and Friends.


Evan Strong:

has a background in Anthropology & Indigenous Cultural Studies, Counselling & Mediation with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences and Graduate Studies in Psychology. Evan has worked as a researcher for the Northern Rivers Area Health Service, a Social Worker, Teachers Aide, and a Funeral Director.

Steven Strong:

is a secondary school teacher with a background in Archaeology and Education. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the N.S.W. Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit”.

Paul & Syann Hamden
Syann and Paul.png

The Extraterrestrial Perspective on Disclosure, Alien Contact and Abduction:

Join us to hear the Extraterrestrial perspective on disclosure - A presentation about perceived alien abduction and contact. We shall discuss many aspects of alien interaction, such as perceived abduction events, why and how people are taken, hybrid-humans and the perceived hybridization program, the use of and reasons for screen memories and more. We shall also discuss ways in which an experiencer can begin to resolve their contact experiences.

Our Experiences with the Zeta Race:

Paul and Syann are both life-long contactees of the Zeta race and have clear conscious recall of their contact experiences. They will be sharing their personal involvement with the Zeta, from their earliest memories of contact, being aboard craft and other interactions with the beings, through to their most recent experiences and  present photographic images of their work and audio recordings of contact with the Zeta and their craft.

Paul’s contact with the extraterrestrial Zeta beings was researched and presented by now retired government scientist William Treurniet in the well-known book The Primer of the Zeta Race which has been freely available to the public for nearing 10 years.

Paul and Syann are both deep trance mediums and also work with evidenced Spirit guides to assist others. They have used their contact to facilitate hundreds of healings, many of which have been medically verified.


Zeta connection.gif
Peter Khoury
Peter Khoury.jpg

Alien DNA profiling:

Peter’s interest in UFOs began in 1988 in Sydney Australia, He experienced a UFO Abduction and witnessed two types of alien beings who communicated with him telepathically.  Peter also experienced two hours of missing time as well as scoop type marks on his leg. 

This experience, lead Peter on a search for truth about the UFO Phenomenon. After discussing his UFO Abduction experience with a number of professionals, Peter acquired a UFO Investigators Certificate and in April 1993 founded The UFO Experience Support Association, the first group of its kind in Australia. UFOESA is a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to helping witnesses of UFO events to cope with and understand their encounters.

In 1992 Peter had an experience with two female aliens, one was a tall blonde Nordic type, the other Asian looking. Peter retrieved two hair samples, which were subjected to DNA profiling with intriguing results. 

Peter will be sharing the results from the DNA profiling at this years C-Files

Peter is doing what he can to educate the public about the UFO topic but more important to Peter is connecting with others like himself who are having Extraordinary Experiences but have no one to turn too.


Dr Gemma Regan
Dr Gemma Regan.jpeg

Why would they come when you sleep?

Profound journeys into the supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena.
Dr Gemma Regan is a doctoral scientist researching unusual phenomena who has had multiple
supernatural, UFO and alien encounters including a miraculous life-saving healing. Using her own
bizarre experiences and her work as a sleep scientist, she delves into the depths of the psyche to
investigate why many of these experiences involved an altered state of consciousness.

Dr Gemma Regan

Ph.D Biological Anthropology, B.Sc.(Hons) Biological Sciences, Grad Diploma Education Science, Diploma Parapsychology, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy,
Diploma Instructor of Meditation and Yoga Nidra Gemma is the host and creator of the weekly live paranormal radio programme The Witching Hour on 4ZZZ (102.1FM) which has been on the air for over ten years! The unique show scientifically examines unusual concepts and beliefs that are on the fringes of mainstream ideology. She has interviewed hundreds of experiencers and researchers including Graham Hancock, David Icke, David Childress, and Erich von Däniken to
discuss all elements of the supernatural.

the witching hour.jpg
Florencia Casartelli 

Sharing information from the Galactic Federation

Florencia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a Bachelor Degree in Communications Sciences, an Advanced Diploma in Digital Cinema, and also tertiary studies in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. She is a Cosmic Christ Consciousness Reiki Master, 5D Healer and Akashic Records Master, based in Perth, WA since November 2011.

In the last 20 years she undertook several trainings and courses to build her career as creative writer and metaphysics teacher and communicator, although most of the knowledge that she manages comes from several messages that she received from Pleiadeans in a young age for many years to the present. These messages received by her spirit friends brought her the 10 of November of 2011 to Capilla del Monte, Argentina where she met the founder of CIO - Investigation Centre of Ufo in Colombia and Argentina - who invited her to join the group of researchers volunteering for the UFO disclosure project.

Indeed, her first client who remembered past lives in other planets before Earth told her under hypnosis state that he was a Pleaidean incarnated on Earth and delivered her powerful messages about the Pleiadean activity in South America. Since then, many of her clients could remember to be active participants of the Galactic Federation for several past lives in this planet and other inhabitable places of the Universe, whose role involves protecting Earth preventing the continue operation in the planet of other races that violated the rights of Human Kind manipulating their DNA during Galactic Night. The aim of this group of highly evolved beings, some of them under the leadership of Ashtar Sheran, involves guiding the citizens of Earth to Ascension to the fifth dimension in the onset of the Galactic Day. Nowaday, an important part of Florencia's mission has to do with sharing the information that was handed to her by the Galactic Federation in the last 12 years regarding the radical changes happening to Earth and the Humans inhabiting the planet. This year is special because she felt the call to spend Lion's Gate in the East Coast, and to share some of the messages received by her and her clients during hypnosis state to those who resonate with it in the Cardwell UFO Festival 2023

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